Born in New York, Yuri Kuroda began her violin studies at the age of five at the 'Suzuki Talent Institute' with Satoru Arai, and then with Shigeki Oshita and Toshiya Eto. At nine she played the Bach Concerto with the Concertino Orchestra of Kyoto.

In 2003 she met Gerard Poulet who encouraged her to study in his class at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, where she was awarded the 'Diplome Superieur de Concertiste' upon the unanimous decision of the members of the jury. In 2008 she received her diploma with highest honors from the 'Conservatoire National de Paris' (CRR). She has perfected her performance also under the training of Roland Daugareil, Jean Mouillere and Eichi Chijiiwa.

She has won prizes in a number of international competitions: "Toshiya ETO" in 2000, "J.S. Bach"( Paris) in 2004, "Prix Rodolfo Lipizer"(Gorizia) in 2006.

Yuri Kuroda has performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Japan, and recently she played the Sibelius concerto with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Czestochowa, in Poland.

She joined the Benaim Quartet in 2008.

Ms. Kuroda plays on a A. Guarnerius violin from 1697,courtesy of M. Yoshio Hirasawa.

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